Neither a defeat nor a victory

Both houses of Indiana’s legislature have now passed versions of SB 590.  The bill is in conference committee now, where it faces further revision.  It’s likely that the final version (and the whole bill could still die in committee) will be milder than the original proposal.  For example, it will most likely pass without the racial profiling provision requiring police to check immigration status.  But we should keep in mind that such practices are already common, and that the rest of the bill is equally racist.  Between the competing politicians, the divisive question is not “for or against racist measures,” but “how fast should those racist measures be legislated and implemented.”  So if the final SB 590 eliminates the profiling measure or anything else, we need to remain watchful so that these measures are not implemented unobserved and piecemeal.

To the degree that the bill has been moderated for the time being, though, it’s because of the popular mobilization that’s happened, and which continues.  Our resistance is what divides the politicians and slows their attacks.  We’ll post more updates soon.


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